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Certified Jewelry Appraisals



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Jewelry  Appraisal Information

Confidentiality & Privacy

The appraisal is a confidential matter between appraiser and client, unless otherwise specified to third parties. You may request a written report or a verbal consultation.

The process begins as a consultation to determine the 'purpose' and 'function' of the assignment, which in turn determines the approach to value. This usually answers the questions to the nature of the value placed upon the item(s) to be appraised.

These issues directly affect the realm of 'value' needed to pursue the facts regarding the items to be discussed.


The Document

The appraisal report is personalized to meet your specific needs with two copies presented at the conclusion. Included are a set of photographs and copies of any certification pertinent to the items. For reference, these items are included in the bound document (usually a minimum of nine pages.)

On-Site Services

If appraisal services are needed at your site, our Orlando area jewelry appraiser retains a portable laboratory to conduct ‘on-site’ appraisal work at an additional cost.


The Appraisal Process

After an inventory is taken of the items you selected to be appraised, and depending on time constraints, you may elect to remain with your items, leave them, or have a few examined while you wait, leaving the rest for further research.



During this procedure, your fine jewelry will be examined thoroughly for condition, size, weight, shape, color and clarity characteristics with all details noted sufficiently to perform the appraisal. This involves plotting diagrams of diamonds and gemstones over .50pts and serial numbers with trademark or copyrights, hallmarks, etc., to show authenticity.

According to standards specified by the American Society of Appraisers, a full laboratory of instruments is employed to make these determinations. Should there be an unusual case where items must be further examined by rarely available, state-of-the-art instrumentation, we will explain the nature and scope of those items.

After the initial examination, we research the items, gather the pertinent information required to conclude the appraisal, and assign a value. The data is entered into a formal report with 2 copies provided to the client.

A special note to those who may have some pertinent documentation already in hand: If you have a certification from independent laboratories in your possession, or previous appraisal reports, these may speed the process in your interest, economically speaking. This saves time, provided the previous appraisal was performed by a qualified appraiser with the appropriate experience and lab requirements.



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